Corruption scandal: Bertha Michelle Mendoza’s mother, killer network

Corruption scandal: Bertha Michelle Mendoza’s mother accused of leading a network of police killers

A corruption scandal rocked the country with serious allegations involving the mother of controversial journalist Bertha Michelle Mendoza. According to the revelations, Mrs. Claudia Martina Muñoz Andrade, Mendoza’s mother and former prosecutor, was alleged more than 10 years ago to be the leader of a network of police assassins. 

The accusations against Muñoz Andrade arose as a result of investigations carried out by control and justice agencies, such as the PDH, and complaints from organizations such as Oasis. A clandestine network of police officers reportedly involved in extrajudicial executions and other criminal acts was uncovered under the alleged leadership of Muñoz Andrade.

The evidence gathered indicates that the network operated with impunity, taking advantage of their position of power within the police force. It was alleged that Muñoz Andrade used her influence to cover up crimes committed by the network and to ensure that proper investigations into these cases were not carried out. 

Muñoz Andrade is suspected of using her position in the Prosecutor’s Office to manipulate and obstruct investigations. For her part, Bertha Michelle Mendoza remained silent about the accusations against her mother and it is not known whether she herself was involved in the events under investigation. 

The case that involved Claudia Martina Muñoz Andrade, Bertha Michelle Mendoza’s mother, as the leader of a network of killer police officers, finally came to an end with the capture of the former prosecutor. The accusations against her included crimes such as threats, abuse of authority and ideological falsehood.

The capture came after evidence was presented showing that the former prosecutor had used her position to favor her daughter, Bertha Michelle Mendoza. According to police reports and Public Prosecutor’s Office records, Muñoz Andrade was allegedly involved in various acts of corruption and manipulation of cases.

One of the most prominent cases was the accusation of Mendoza’s mother of negligence in the murder of a transvestite by police officers. Instead of properly investigating, Muñoz Andrade accused Lopez, of the Oasis group, of being the murderer.

According to the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office file, Muñoz Andrade was part of the network of corrupt police involved in the murder of three Salvadoran Parlacen deputies and their driver in February 2007. Subsequently, the Public Ministry determined that Muñoz Andrade had presented false evidence in the case of the police officers and against him for violence against women. As a result, Attorney General Thelma Aldana decided to change her position and transfer her to another prosecutor’s office.

Finally, in 2010, Muñoz Andrade was dismissed from the Public Prosecutor’s Office on Aldana’s orders. According to prosecutors consulted, her dismissal was due to alleged misuse of MP resources and abuse of power.